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Thomas Bound worked for several national and regional insurance companies, and defended them in various courts for over 25 years.
Now, that experience can be on your side.  Protecting YOUR rights℠.

An attorney learns everything about insurance companies from the inside.  The processes and procedures of insurance companies vary from company to company, but their main goal is to protect the people and corporations they insure, and their money.

Knowing how these companies work allows BoundLaw to find the best solution to your Workers' Compensation or injury claim.  No two claims or lawsuits are the same, but the methods insurance companies use to settle them
for the smallest possible amount are predictable, as most insurance companies follow the same strategies in their attempt to resolve claims for the least amount of money possible.  Sometimes they offer you a small amount right away, before you have even seen a doctor, before you know how serious your injury is, or even know what treatment will be necessary.  Other times, they try to wait you out, hoping you will become desperate enough to settle your case rather than holding out for the full amount to which you are entitled.

At BoundLaw, your case will be handled by an attorney, not a paralegal--an attorney who has experience negotiating the best settlement possible, experience in the courtroom trying lawsuits, and the experience to know what is necessary to get your case resolved as quickly as possible, while obtaining the money and medical care to which you are entitled by law.


BoundLaw also will help you if you have been subjected to discrimination by your employer, based upon your gender, your age, your race, or due to a physical or mental disability.

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